COVID-19: a Message from Rabbi Yolkut


  • Minyanim are now open without registration.

  • For those who have risk factors they should discuss with their doctors and me as to whether they should return.

  • Anyone who is at risk or is uncomfortable with returning is on firm halachic ground to daven in their homes.

  •  If you are symptomatic with flu like symptoms, for example cough, congestion, fevers, chills then you should not attend services.

PZ Masking Policy


  • Masking is required for the main Shabbos morning minyan for all.


  • Masking is recommended for all other minyanim.


  • Masking is required for the unvaccinated at all minyanim.


  • For high volume minyanim of the High Holidays Mincha, Maariv etc., masking is required of all.


  • Masking for outdoor minyanim is recommended.