We are happy to announce the re-opening of the Keilim Mikveh with a new system that will allow us to proceed forward with immersing keilim in a safe manner, beginning this Monday, June 1.


1) The Mikveh will be open by appointment only, and one family at a time can use it then. While this certainly is less convenient, that will allow cleaning and ventilation between uses. Sign up for slots at



After adding your name to the list just exit from the document. There is no need to save.When you come for your appointment, you will be admitted by the attendant. This coming week, there will be appointments available every half hour Monday-Thursday 9 AM- 2 PM and 7-9 PM, and Friday 9 AM-2 - PM .

2) Please wear masks when coming to the Mikveh out of respect for those responsible to open the mikveh for users. Gloves will be available for use.

3) Please be considerate and do not bring or discard packaging of your keilim at the mikveh. Remove stickers at home.

4) Consider only bringing keilim in current use (i.e. things bought for Pesach can wait until a time before next Pesach when the Mikveh can, iy'H, go back to the usual system.)