Parshas Lech Lecha

A brief note on minyanim:


Please be reminded that seating is first-come, first-served in the designated seats, and there is a small possibility that we may have to turn people away at the door. 

Everyone must be masked while in the shul or in the outdoor minyan, and sit in any of the designated, socially distanced seats in the main sanctuary. 

Outdoors, please sit on either end of the 8-foot tables. Family members can seat themselves at the same tables. 

Anyone coming from or hosting someone from a Jewish community that is experiencing an uptick in cases should only daven in the outdoor minyan. 

We are forced to ask anyone who has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 (or is hosting someone exposed to COVID-19) to not attend any of the PZ minyanim until a full quarantine period has passed.

Erev Shabbos, Friday, October 30, 2020


6:00 pm - Candlelighting (Shabbos can be accepted as early as 5:12 if desired)

6:05 pm - Mincha and Kabbalas Shabbos (Main Sanctuary and PZ Tents)

Shabbos Day, October 31, 2020

8:15 am - Shacharis (Shochen Ad) (PZ Tents)

9:00 am - Shacharis (Shochen Ad) (Main Sanctuary)

Rabbi Yolkut will speak at both minyanim.

5:00 pm - Mincha (Main Sanctuary)

6:00 - Mincha followed by a shiur by Rabbi Yolkut - “Why a 19th Century Debate over Bris Milah in New Orleans Matters Today” and Maariv (PZ Tents)

6:57 pm - Maariv (Main Sanctuary)

7:07 pm - Shabbos ends

Turn back the clocks Saturday night

Weekday Minyanim (PZ Main Sanctuary)


Mincha/Maariv: Mon-Thu 5:00 pm

Shacharis: Sun 8:30 am; Mon/Thu 7:05 am, Tue/Wed/Fri 7:15 am

Thu 7:05 am

Instructions for Davening at Home

erev Shabbos

Omit Borchu. After Shemoneh Esreh of Maariv, do not recite the section following Vayechulu.

Shabbos DAY

Shabbos Day: Omit Borchu. We do not recite any of the Sefer Torah service or Yekum Purkan but proceed directly to Av HaRachamim, Ashrei and Shemoneh Esreh of Mussaf. While one is not required to read the Torah readings from a Chumash in private, it is a worthy action. 

Sunrise 7:50 am 

Shma by 10:26 am

Shacharis Shemoneh Esreh by 11:18 am 

Mincha between 1:34 pm and 6:17 pm

Shabbos ends at 7:07 pm

The final time for Kiddush Levana for Marcheshvan is the night following Saturday, Oct. 31, until 9:45 p.m.

Turn back the clocks Saturday night


The yahrtzeit of the Kedoshei Pittsburgh will be this Wednesday evening and Thursday.


Sunrise:  Sun 6:00 am and one minute later each day of the week

Shma:  Sun 9:26 am; Mon/Tue 9:27 am; Wed/Thu 9:28 am; Fri 9:29 am

Shacharis:  Sun 10:18 am; Mon-Wed 10:19 am; Thu/Fri 10:20 am

Mincha:  between 12:34 pm and Sunset 

Sunset:  Sun 5:15 pm and one minute earlier each day of the week

Maariv can be recited after sunset, but if possible after 40 minutes from sunset (or repeat Shma). 


Shiurim for the Week

PZ SHABBOS NIGHT STUDY GROUP with Rabbi Yisroel Pfeffer will begin studying the ethical classic CHOVOS HALEVOVOS - Duties of the Heart

Recognizing the Greatness of Hashem through Creation

Saturday Night, October 31, 8:00 pm


Call in Number: 1-435-777-2200

Access Code: (call office for code)



Webcast on Rabbi Yolkut’s Facebook page through Facebook Live and on Zoom (Meeting ID: 681 140 7218 , call office for password) 

Dial in 1-312-626-6799 


Weekly sponsorship is $120.

“The Mysteries of Ethiopian Jewry: A Halachic and Historical Journey "(Chantze Butler Shiur) - Wednesday 12:15 pm 

Chumash:  Thu 9:30 am - Our veteran Chumash class; "A Snake's Tale"

Parsha:  Thu 9:00 pm - Weekly Insights into the Parsha - Vayera

A full Fall Schedule of classes will be released shortly



Reading Material to print for Shabbos

Avraham's Two Wars

Harav Aharon Lichtenstein


Avraham Foreshadowed Self-Sacrifice To Make Aliyah

Rabbi Yissocher Frand


A Palace in Flames

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks


Finished and Unfinished Journeys

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin


Grow Up!

Rabbi Dr Norman Lamm zt’l


Rabbi Michael Rosensweig

Avraham Avinu and the Concept of Emunah


Abram’s Mission

Rabbanit Sharon Rimon 


Horoscopes and Commentators

Rav Yechezkel Yakovson


Four Against Five

Rabbi Ari Kahn


Perspectives on the Avot and Imahot

Rabbi Avishai David


Avraham, Lot and the Roots of Jewish Monarchy

Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom


Why was Avraham Chosen?

Rabbi Menachem Leoibtag 


The Banishment of Hagar: Did Avraham and Sarah Sin?

Harav Yaakov Medan 


Halacha in the Parsha

Metzitzah B’peh Controversy: Rabbinic Polemics and Applying the Lessons of History

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin


Explaining the Customs of Bris Milah

Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff


Must Diaspora Jews Make Aliyah?

Rabbi Chaim Jachter



Rabbi Josh Flug 


Yahrtzeit of Yitzchak Rabin z’l

On the Assassination of Prime Minister Rabin z"l

Harav Aharon Lichtenstein


And Yitzchak Trembled…

Rabbi Mayer Twersky 

Yahrtzeit of Kedoshei Pittsburgh הי”ד

Hashem Give Strength to Your Nation; Hashem Bless Your Nation With Peace

Rabbi Daniel Yolkut


Walking on Shabbat After a Massacre by Abby W. Schachter 



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