Pesach 5781


pesach schedule


Thursday April 1 - Chol HaMoed Day III 


Shacharis 7:00 am and 8:30 am (Yishtabach)

Mincha 7:30 pm

Count 5th night of the Omer


Friday Erev Yom Tov April 2 - Chol Hamoed IV


Shacharis 7:00 am and 8:30 am (Yishtabach)

Candlelighting 7:30 pm

Mincha/Kabbalas Shabbos 7:00 pm

Count 6th night of the Omer


Pesach Shabbos April 3 - Yom Tov I


Shacharis 8:45 am (Beis Midrash); 9:30 am (Main Sanctuary) (Ha-Kel)

Mincha 7:30 pm followed by shiur

Candlelighting and Kiddush after 8:36 pm

Count 7th night of the Omer

Pesach Sunday April 4 - Yom Tov II


Shacharis 8:45 am (~9:30 Yizkor) (Beis Midrash); 9:30 am (~10:15 Yizkor) (Main Sanctuary) (Ha-Kel)

Mincha 7:35 pm followed by Neilas HaChag Kumsitz (no food will be served)

Yom Tov ends 8:37 pm

Sold Chametz will be bought back by 9:30 pm

Count 8th Night of the Omer

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