Reading material to print

for ShABBOS and the week

Reading Material to print for Yom KIppur and Shabbos

Yom Kippur

Noraos HaRav is a series of very detailed but clear renditions of shiurim by Rabbi Joseph B Solveitchik. The volumes are available as PDFs:  


A short pictorial book on the Avodah of Yom Kippur (136 pages)


Praying with All of Israel

Harav Aharon Lichtenstein


Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky

Angels or Sinners - Who Are We?


I Want To Come Home, But I Don’t Know If Dad Will Let Me In By Rabbi Yissocher Frand



a sermon preached by RABBI NORMAN LAMM


The First Yom Kippur

Harav Yaakov Medan 


How eating on Yom Kippur was, and wasn’t, everything I’d ever dreamed it could be

by Sarah C. Rudolph


Thoughts About Prayer Before Yom Kippur By Rabbi Yissocher Frand


Why I Don’t Miss Shul on Yom Kippur

By Leslie Ginsparg Klein



The Jewish Time Traveler’s Manual

In Tractate Yoma, the Talmud gives us a deep dive into going back to the future



A Day of Matchmaking

Harav Yaakov Medan


Ari Shishler - Stand on your head this Yom Kippur


 Do We Deserve a "Corona Discount" This Yom Kippur? Rabbi Moshe Taragin 


The Rabbi Who Ate on Yom Kippur:

Israel Salanter and the Cholera Epidemic of 1848

Ira Taub


The Service of Motza’ei Yom Kippur

Rav Nechemia Raanan 


‘Holy to God’ – A Holocaust survivor saved melodies from the old world

Toby Perl Freilich


I Included the next article in last week’s list--- a must read!


By Tzipora Weinberg 


Rabbi Chaim Jachter’s wonderful book on Yonah, Depths of Yonah, is available chapter by chapter at


Reading Yona with the Rambam, the Rav, and R. Lichtenstein

By Prof. Alan Jotkowitz 


Jonah and Yom Kippur

By Rabbi Meir Soloveichik



Rabbi Yissochar Frand- Listen to the Music


Rabbi Lord JOnathan Sacks- The Arc of the Moral Universe


Reading Parashat Haazinu Every Day

By Rabbi David Silverberg


The Testimony of the Song

Rav Yoel Bin-Nun


Parshat Ha'azinu - The Message and the Messenger

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter