Hospitality Committee

The Poale Zedeck Hospitality Committee is made up of members of our Poale Zedeck community.  It is our wish to make you feel welcome and at home.  Arrangements for any of the services our hospitality committee provides can be made through our chairperson, Shifra Poznanski.

Shifra can be reached at or 412-586-5436.

The Poale Zedeck Hospitality Committee arranges:

  • Shabbat housing for visitors from out of town, including meals.

  • Meals for new parents.


Chesed Committee

We are always ready and eager to help those who may need help as they experience an acute or chronic illness or disability.  This includes a call, a visit, a meal, or another form of support.  If you need us, or know of someone who does, please contact Beverly Americus at 412-521-0352, or Leslie Itskowitz at 412-422-8244, or email Leslie at  Information received will be kept strictly confidential and no privacy issues will be violated.